What does it truly mean to be Saved? I hope you understand me.

What does it truly mean to be Saved? I hope you understand me.

When I was in the process of designing SAVED, I was going through a rebellious season in my life. Alcoholism, chain smoking, drug abuse, party culture and disobedience ruled my life. And this was after I had received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. How could I possibly be 'saved' and yet still be heavily involved with the very things I was being 'saved' from?

Here’s the truth; the devil is always seeking advantage against God’s people. In the battlefield (Ephesians 6) if you are not ready the enemy will cut you unprepared. When I was deep in this lifestyle, I was extremely unhappy. I was feeling purposeless and unfulfilled. I felt like I was trapped in this unhealthy lifestyle and I didn’t know how to get out of it. Through the lies of the enemy, I had unknowingly been conditioned to use and abuse these substances as a coping mechanism for everything and anything life threw at me.

Feeling happy? Bottoms up, feeling depressed? Let’s drink , feeling angry? Smoke up , feeling stressed? Have a ciggy, feeling accomplished? Let’s party (indulge in alcohol and drugs in my case)! But the truth about this lifestyle is that I came out of it with more baggage, damage and hurt than when I first started with. And let’s be real, none of these substances are healthy for our bodies, mind or soul. The sad truth was that I no longer needed God anymore because His role in my life was being filled/replaced by these substances. Sound familiar?

It was through a revelation from the word of God that I finally realized these truths. The enemy had successfully pulled my mind and heart away from God and cornered me until I became a prisoner to my sin again. A disheartening truth to come to terms with. Nonetheless, enough was enough! It was time to re-condition my mind back to things of God. And so I intentionally made a commitment to God that no matter how many times I would continue to fall (in the next few days, weeks and even months) in my journey back to sobriety, I was going to keep getting back up and keep pressing forward in faith. And before I knew it, the spell of sin over my life was completely broken forever, and I was set FREE from all addictions.

I don’t know who needs to hear this message and I don’t know what you’ve been through, but I just want to let you know that you will never be too much of a sinner to be SAVED by God. Regardless of the many times you’ve fallen or failed, I encourage you to get back up and keep pressing forward in faith! Like this design, I was guilty of every sin that I was accused of committing. But Jesus Christ changed my story and transformed me from the inside out. By faith, He destroyed the work of the enemy, snatched me from the snares of sin and shame, and elevated and empowered me to walk in his freedom again.

THAT is the beauty of Christ. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen; you can always get back up and keep going! That is what it means to be saved.

As I write this blog (as hard as it is for me to share this part of my story) I’m extremely grateful to God for changing my story!! If God can change my story, He can change your story too. Today I stand as a SAVED & UNASHAMED follower of Jesus Christ. Can all my SAVED brothers and sisters in Christ please stand up?

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THIS IS AMAZING! I just want to thank you for sharing your story and encouraging us to keep getting up no matter what and how deep in the pit we can feel. Not only is the message your getting across so inspiring but your clothing line is beautifully representing it! Keep it up soldier, much love & respect!


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